Ways to style Female Viking Dreadlocks

Female Viking dreadlock hairstyles are a striking symbol of strength, independence, and cultural identity. Reflecting the fierce and adventurous spirit of Viking women, these hairstyles combine practicality with a bold aesthetic. Dreadlocks, also known as “locs,” are formed by matting and twisting sections of hair, creating a distinctive texture and shape. Viking women often adorned their dreadlocks with intricate braids and beads, adding a touch of artistry to their formidable appearance. These hairstyles served not only as a means of self-expression. They were also as a practical solution for keeping hair out of the way during long voyages and battles. Embodying both femininity and resilience, female Viking dreadlock hairstyles continue to be a sign of ruggedness and power.

Viking Dreadlock Accessories

Viking Female Dredlocks

Viking-inspired hair accessories offer a distinctive way to accentuate dreadlock hairstyles, adding an element of authenticity and flair. From intricately crafted metal beads to ornate hairpins and clasps, these accessories draw inspiration from Norse mythology and Viking craftsmanship. These accessories not only serve as decorative embellishments but also hold practical significance. They can help to secure and stylize dreadlocks while imbuing the wearer with a sense of strength and resilience. Whether worn for everyday styling or special occasions, Viking-inspired hair accessories offer a unique way to celebrate and connect with the rich history and traditions of the Viking Age. They do this by adding a touch of Norse charm to modern hairstyles.


Female Viking Dreadlock Extensions

Unfortunately, dreadlocks are not something we can provide a tutorial or guide on as they must be performed by a hairdresser. There are however other options if you are wanting to try out the Viking Dreadlock look for less or without the commitment. Viking Dreadlock are a great way to experiment with dreadlock hairstyle without the comittment. For those wanting the classic dreadlock look, this set from BYKSVIOC Store offer 24inch extensions that are simple and affordable. This extension set is a great option for those wanting to start with faux dreadlocks. If you are looking to experiment with a more intricate Viking hairstyle, this extension set from Toniola has a combination of curls, dreadlocks and braids in a range of 23 different colours.

Further Styling Natural Viking Dreadlocks

For those who have committed to ‘dreadlocking’ your real hair there are a variety of ways to further style the dread locks to achieve a more Norse-inspired look. Shaving both sides of the head and leaving the remaining dreadlocks on the top of the head to achieve a ‘Viking Mohawk look’ can provide a dramatic Viking hairstyle. It is thought that Vikings often either shaved or braided the sides of their head for practicality. For example, shaved/braided sides prevented a bow and arrow getting stuck in hair. For those not wanting as dramatic a look, you can try tying the dreadlocks back in a ‘ponytail’ with a Viking-inspired hair tie. This can add more Norse inspiration to your look while being practical.

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