How to Create Floki’s Viking Hairstyle in 2024

In the enthralling world of “Vikings,” where valor and treachery collide amidst the backdrop of Norse mythology, few characters embody the enigmatic allure and unpredictable nature quite like Floki. As a beloved trickster and confidant of Ragnar Lothbrok, Floki’s journey throughout the series is marked not only by his cunning wit but also by his ever-evolving hairstyles.  Each of these styles reflecting his multifaceted personality and inner turmoil.

Shaved Sides

In the earlier seasons, Floki’s appearance is characterized by shorter disheveled hair, hinting at a ruggedness and tumultuous spirit. This is exacerbated by the appearance of balding in certain areas.

As the series progresses, Floki’s outward appearance undergoes a transformation reflective of his inner turmoil and evolving beliefs. His beard continues to grow in length, potentially symbolizing his growing wisdom and experience. His hairstyle however takes on a more pronounced symbolism. In the later seasons, Floki is often seen with a mostly shaved head, save for a small amount of hair at the back, meticulously braided or tied into a bun.

Replicating Floki’s Hairstyles from the Later Seasons:

Shaved Head:

Clip or shave most of the hair, leaving a small section at the back.

Braiding or Bunning:

Gather the remaining hair and either braid it neatly or tie it into a small bun.

Viking-Inspired Tattoos:

Enhance authenticity by applying temporary Viking-inspired tattoos on each side of the head.

For fans looking to replicate Floki’s iconic hairstyle, the addition of temporary Viking-inspired tattoos on either side of the head can further enhance the authenticity of the look. This could pay homage to Floki’s deep-rooted connection to Norse mythology and his self-proclaimed descent from Loki, the mischievous god of trickery.

Floki Viking Hairstyle

This distinctive hairstyle serves as a visual representation of Floki’s connection to his Viking heritage and his evolving spiritual beliefs. The shaved head could symbolize a shedding of the past. The braided or bun hair at the back could signify a connection to tradition and ancestry.

As fans bid farewell to the beloved series and reflect on the legacy of its iconic characters, Floki’s hairstyles serve as a visual reminder of his journey—from the disheveled locks of his youth to the shaved head of his later years, each hairstyle a testament to his resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to his beliefs.

Floki’s hairstyles in “Vikings” are more than just a reflection of his outward appearance but a window into his soul. These hairstyles are a visual narrative of his inner struggles, and his unwavering quest for purpose in the “Vikings” world.

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